Psychiatric Unit

Psychiatric Unit

An unit to control co-morbid psychiatric conditions

Psychiatric treatment includes managing the co-morbid psychiatric conditions as mentioned above. Depression is the most frequent psychiatric condition that exists with chronic headache and antidepressant medications have been most helpful in managing the depression and dysthymia associated with headaches. Our doctors with regular visits and proper prscription help patients with full attention and support.Medical staff and volunteers also are an important part in taking care of these kind of patients, round the clock. Proper clinical support, diet, etc. are given time and again to enhance the hygeanic environment.
You can talk to our helpline for proper guidance and come to us for proper support and care.

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What our clients say

Here are few words from our clients.
Happy that my son has come back and leading a good life. Thanks to all of you at Prayas.
Mr. Ghosh
Very pleased with your staff and treatment facility. Thanks to all of you at Prayas.
Mrs. Guha
Birati, West Bengal
I pray to God that you all stay well as you have done this good thing for me. My son is in recovery now.
Mr. Saha
Behala, Kolkata