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About Us

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A common opinion of many family members of Addicts/ Alcoholics is that the Addict/ Alcoholic can easily quit/ stop using Drugs/ Alcohol with their sheer will power only. They are correct according to their own experiences and knowledge. But, the reality of an Addict/ Alcoholic differs a lot. They suffer from a progressive and fatal disease named ‘Addiction’. This disease is referred as “The Second Most Killer Disease” in the world. The world wide combined success rate of different procedures to treat an Addict/ Alcoholic is only 2% (approx.). Just to make you understand the gravity of the problem we feel the need to mention that an Addict’s/ Alcoholic’s compulsion for chemicals is 300 times stronger and overpowering than his/ her will power (Source: Dennis Daley, 2007 publishing of Hazelden). That is why it is not that “he does not stop”; actually “he is unable to stop”.
By now you might feel worried, anxious, tensed, hopeless, upset, frightened or even scared.
Relax, because the procedure that we follow is the most successful one across the world, internationally referred as “The 12 Steps” with a success rate of 47% at its pinnacle.
A proper rehabilitation- following “The 12 Steps” helps one to identify the problems, the root of the problems and also to learn the solutions. If you are not acquainted to this world of Addicts/Alcoholic and related rehabilitations, you might be confused about which organization to select. Of course you will hope for the best results. The points noted below will hopefully guide you to make the correct decision.

What we offer

We heal with the latest innovations in Science.

Treatment Facility

Management of chemical dependency is a complex issue which has to be handled by professionals specialized in various discipline...

Addiction & Recovery

Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits...

Cleint List

Our gratitude to all those ex- clients who started their journey of recovery from Prayas Centre. Though Addiction/ Alcoholism is a disease...

Our Mission & Vision

The aim of KHARDAH PRAYAS CENTRE is to help the suffering addicts to come out of drug addiction and restore them to being productive members of their families and of society. This goal will be met through assessment, evaluation, residential counseling/caring, outpatient treatment and aftercare transitional support. Assessing and providing necessary help to the patient in all areas that impact his ability to recover. This includes addressing the six dimensions i.e. the patient's withdrawal and intoxication potential; biomedical health; mental health including emotional, cognitive, and behavioral issues; readiness/motivation to change; relapse potential; and recovery environment.

Addiction is nothing but a Disease

Information will be provided to the patient to help him or her understand addiction as a disease causing a moral/social failure, to develop understanding and practicing of the 12 Step recovery process. Individual and group therapies to include cognitive and experiential therapies to break through negative self-messages attitudes and behaviors that return a patient to chemical use. A holistic approach will be utilized, to include addressing spiritual and emotional blocks to recovery ( i.e. grief, shame, fear, anger, resentments, selfishness, self-pity, dishonesty, denial and disconnection from a Higher Power) by abiding by the 12 Step program . The patient will be supported in addressing social issues that contribute to chemical use, such as poverty, criminal background, and criminal and sexual victimization etc. Family education, counseling and support will be provided to help family members and others close to the patient to understand their own roles in the patient's disease, how to best support the patient to recover, and how to maintain their own well-being in the context of their loved ones' disease.

Through the above-mentioned process the patient's successful transition to health, family, society, and self-help group participation will be established, thus contributing to the patient's ongoing recovery from addiction and restoration to mainstream society.

Way to Recovery

The one & only way out is WHO directed Proper Treatment Procedures - Counseling, Treatment Oriented Therapy and Prolonged Abstinence. We provide the best possible Rehabilitation. KHARDAH PRAYAS CENTRE is a de-addiction & rehabilitation facility where clients are treated with care and concern. It was established in AUG 2007. PRAYAS CENTRE has earned an reputation for its commitment, ethical standards and professional approach toward effective treatment of addiction. Today, we are catering to clients from different parts of the state. In a country with few treatment facilities and lack of guidelines and prescribed standards, KHARDAH PRAYAS CENTRE has pioneered and benchmarked standards and protocols.

KHARDAH PRAYAS CENTRE model is based on the famed 'Minnesota' model initiated in USA. The treatment aims at total abstinence achieved through the Twelve Steps program. The 12-Steps treatment model has been approved by WHO as the 'most effective treatment for addiction. KHARDAH PRAYAS CENTRE approach is holistic: addressing the physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual areas toward total recovery. It also incorporates traditional Indian elements such as Yoga and meditation.

The facilities are comfortable with modern amenities and backed by competent medical and psychiatric resources. A substantial number of the therapy team consists of recovering alcoholics and addicts: those who have traveled the road, experienced the pain of addiction and the joys of recovery. This lends an unmatched touch of empathy and identification to the therapy process. Moreover, the counseling team undergoes regular skills-development programs and several members are enrolled in online educational programs. OUR MOTTO is that no addict/ alcoholic seeking recovery need ever die.


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    Happy that my son has come back and leading a good life. Thanks to all of you at Prayas.
    Mr. Ghosh
    Very pleased with your staff and treatment facility. Thanks to all of you at Prayas.
    Mrs. Guha
    Birati, West Bengal
    I pray to God that you all stay well as you have done this good thing for me. My son is in recovery now.
    Mr. Saha
    Behala, Kolkata